Why You Should Have More Flowers At Your Wedding

Flowers have this magical ability to make us feel good. They make us happy, just by existing. It’s a wonderful thing! People drive for hours every year to see the wildflowers that bloom in the spring and the flower market is a $46 billion industry in the Unites States alone!

So now you know that flowers are a big deal. So let’s talk about flowers for your wedding.

Bridal bouquet

Bridal Bouquet

The bouquet is probably the first flower arrangement you’ll think of for your wedding. It’s the one you’ll be the most picky about and you might already have an idea of what you want it to look like. I know I did, for my wedding. I knew I wanted a large, cascading bouquet and I wasn’t about to compromise on the design.

There is tons of inspiration on Pinterest and Google for you to browse and find your perfect style of bouquet. After you’ve chosen the style, your florist can help you find a color palette that works well for the season your wedding is in. Your bouquet will set the tone for the floral theme for the entire wedding, so be sure to talk to your florist about what you want and what will work best.

Wedding Ceremony

Whether you have an arch to decorate or freestanding arrangements or even enormous flower urns, floral arrangements at the wedding ceremony are a must. They can take a simple green lawn and transform it into one of the most beautiful spaces you’ve ever seen.

The great thing about using a ton of flowers for your ceremony is that you can move them to the reception after the ceremony is over. This adds a ton of flowers to your reception without it costing you anything extra.

The flowers at the ceremony are especially great for photos. I get the most spectacular ceremony pictures when there are over-the-top flower arrangements for the ceremony. As soon as I see the flowers, I get this huge smile on my face because I know you’re going to love the pictures.

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white wedding cake with gold accents and pink and white flowers

Flowers On The Cake

When you think of flowers at your wedding, you might not immediately think of the cake. I’m not sure who thought of putting flowers on a cake, but I’m pretty convinced that they are some sort of genius.

Asking your florist to reserve some flower stems for your cake can make it the cake of your dreams! Fresh flowers add so much beauty and elegance to an already incredible cake. It’s really the best of the baking world and the flower world. I highly recommend fresh flowers on your wedding cake.

Detail Photos with Flowers

I always ask the florist to save just a few cut flower stems for me to use for the detail photos. These flowers allow me to keep the perfect color palette for your wedding and have the exact same flowers in the entire wedding photo gallery. These flowers can make such a big difference when I photograph the invitations. They are the difference between an “okay” display and a “wow! that’s so pretty!” display for the detail shots.

I always have a few artificial flowers in my toolbox, just in case, but they won’t match the flowers in your bouquet. To keep your photo gallery as cohesive as possible, extra flowers from the florist are the way to go.

wedding invitation with flowers and greenery
Decorative hanging light bulbs for a wedding reception at Rava Wines

Reception Flowers

Your table decorations can be as extravagant as you want. This is where you will really wow your guests and leave them talking about your beautiful floral arrangements for years after your wedding.

Flower arrangements that hang down over the tables (like what you see here) are probably one of the most impressive arrangements at a reception. They can tie into your table arrangements and seem to be an endless river of florals.

If you are going to go all out on one area for flowers at your wedding, I’d say do it here. Your guests are going to be spending most of their time at the reception and most of your pictures will be in this area as well. Spending the extra money on flowers here will have the most impact on your wedding.

I cannot tell you how many brides walk into their reception and are in complete awe of how beautiful the reception area is. It can be quite amazing and definitely worth the extra money and effort it takes.

I love photographing flowers, in case you couldn’t tell. I love how they make us feel and how the pictures can bring back those same feelings. Floral arrangements can really make all the difference in your wedding photos making them magazine worthy in every way. I can’t wait to photograph all the flowers this wedding season and I hope you love all of your wedding pictures, no matter what your floral design is like.


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large flower arrangement with pampas grass at a wedding

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