Things To Do Before The Wedding

Plan The First Kiss

It may seem like a no-brainer, but there’s more to the first kiss than you might think. How are you going to face each other? How long should you hold it for? Will you dip her?

bride and groom kissing in a field with oak trees

Practice Dipping

Dipping isn’t always as easy as it may seem. You’re definitely going to want to practice this one before the wedding day.

Learn The First Dance

A choreographed first dance is a sight to behold. Your guests will be amazed that you both know how to tear it up on the dance floor. Those dance lessons won’t go to waste on this! I promise.

First Kiss

Find the right angle…

The first kiss and how to best perform it is best worked out before the wedding day. While you might not think it matters much how you are positioned for your first kiss, it can matter a great deal when it comes to the photos.

You’ll want to make sure you are faced so that your photographer can see both of you. A great way to practice this is to stand in front of a mirror or even record yourself. A helpful friend is also a great way to make sure you are positioned perfectly.

The very best way to make sure your photographer is able to capture the first kiss is to kiss more than once. This way, there’s a little time for the photographer to change positions if they are in just the right place. A good alternative to this is to simply kiss again at the end of the aisle as you walk away from the ceremony site (I’ll probably ask you to do this anyway).

Dipping Her

Believe it or not, there is a “correct” way to dip her. While you don’t necessarily need to learn the technically correct way to dip, it would be good to practice this. Most of my couples absolutely love the idea of having a photo of the groom dipping the bride. But when it comes time to actually do it, they haven’t practiced and the bride is afraid she’ll fall.

There’s an easy fix for this! Just practice is a few times and on the wedding day, there will be no nerves at all. Plus, you’ll get those beautiful pictures you’re dreaming of. While you’re at it, give her a kiss while dipping her. She’ll love it!

First Dance

Lessons are a must

There’s not much that impresses guests at a wedding more than a planned first dance. I hear so many guests complimenting the bride and groom when they have planned the first dance. It’s not expected, so it’s a real treat!

Taking lessons from a dance instructor is the very best way to make sure you’re first dance is incredible. You can either keep it a secret between the two of you or include your parents and have them learn a dance too! Either way, I know your guests will enjoy this aspect of your wedding.


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Dance Lessons

Finding a dance instructor can be a challenge. Here are some links to local dance instructors for adults.

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