A Bright Spring Wedding at Higuera Ranch in San Luis Obispo

Higuera Ranch Wedding Photos

If you haven’t been to a wedding at Higuera Ranch in San Luis Obispo, you’re in for a treat when you attend one there! The scenery is amazing and it really couldn’t be easier to get there. It’s just a turn of the 101 just north of the last San Luis Obispo exit.

Higuera Ranch is known for being an incredible wedding venue in the area and for good reason! The owners are amazing to work with and every wedding is guaranteed to be absolutely beautiful. This spring wedding was everything it promised to be…perfect!

Bride and groom kiss in an open field at Higuera Ranch

Rehearsal Dinner At Higuera Ranch

This couple lived out of town, so we decided to include rehearsal dinner coverage rather than an engagement session. I’m so glad I got to be part of the rehearsal dinner and get some great pictures of everyone before the big day. Everyone had an amazing time and we all got explore Higuera Ranch just a bit. We even found some great spots for couples photos for the next day.

Getting Ready

The next morning, I joined the bride back at Higuera Ranch. While she prepared for the wedding with her closest friends, I was there to document it all. I loved working with all these girls! They were so kind and helpful, which made it super easy for me to get even more pictures of them!

Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony was beautiful. The bride’s brother walked her down the aisle and their mom cried tears of joy when she saw her children together. Vows were exchanged under the flowered arch on the grassy lawn. Their first kiss had everyone applauding and the joy on their faces really says it all.

Formal & Couple’s Photos

After the ceremony, we focused on the formal portraits. We started with family photos and moved on to the wedding party. There were so many areas to choose from, so we mixed it up a bit and went to a few favorite spots. When it came time for just the couple to have pictures, we went on a little adventure. The bride and groom knew exactly where they wanted pictures take, but they didn’t quite know how to get there or even where it was on the property.

We looked around a bit and decided the best thing to do was to take the groom’s 4×4 truck up the hill and try to find the tree they had seen online. Well, after some pretty fun off-road moments, we finally made it to the top of the hill and saw the tree they were dreaming of. It was the perfect spot for pictures and completely worth the trip.

Higuera Ranch

All in all, I would say it was a successful wedding and we got some great photos and had an amazing time doing it!

For more information about Higuera Ranch, visit their website at https://www.higueraranch.com/ or see what I have to say about it at Higuera Ranch.

bride and groom dancing in field with oak trees

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