What To Do If It Rains On Your Wedding Day

What to do if it rains on your wedding day.

On the Central Coast of California, we rarely see a rainy wedding day, but it does happen from time to time. Rain on your wedding day can add stress in a way that nothing else can. But it doesn’t need to! Here, I’ll go over some of the wonderful ways that rain can ADD to your wedding! I’ll also cover some things you can do to help you and your guests get the most of a rainy wedding.

What if you have an outdoor wedding venue?

Most wedding venues in the San Luis Obispo area are outdoor venues. These venues are wonderful for taking advantage of the amazing California sunshine and beautiful weather, but they do little to protect you from the rain.

If you’re getting married during the rainy season, it might be a good idea to seek out a venue that has indoor options, just in case.

Rain at an outdoor venue can lead to some amazing, creative ideas! One of my favorites is to rent a clear party tent. These tents can be decorated with the most amazing floral arrangements. Clear tents let in tons of natural light and are a wonderful option for both the ceremony and the reception. I highly recommend clear tents.

If a clear tent is not an option, a white tent will do. You’ll need to add lots of light to a white tent, but adding floral arrangements will transform the space into something spectacular.

Communicate with your vendors about the rain.

Experienced wedding vendors are ready for whatever the weather throws at them. This includes the rain. If it rains on your wedding day, be sure to reach out to your vendors as soon as possible. They will likely ease your worries by offering options that have worked for other couples when it rained.

Your photographer, catering team and florist will have ideas to help and should have a backup plan for adjusting to the rain. Your florist might be able to add a few arrangements to an indoor space, but will need access to additional flowers and greenery. Be sure to talk to them as early as possible.

The catering team might need to change the buffet style dinner to a served, plated dinner depending on the space.

Couple smiling under a clear umbrella in the rain

Bring umbrellas!

Any color of umbrella will work for wedding guests. You’ll need a lot of clear umbrellas for the wedding party. If you can’t find enough for the entire wedding party, make sure you have at least one for the happy couple!

Rain can easily flatten even the best hair day, so an umbrella for the bride is essential. A clear umbrella will make sure your faces are not shaded for pictures. Your photographer will definitely appreciate the clear umbrella as adding shadows to an already dark day is less than ideal photography conditions.

Don’t stress about the rain!

There’s no need to stress about rain on your wedding day. I can assure you, photographers absolutely love cloudy days and your pictures will be absolutely beautiful. When my clients worry about the clouds, I let them know that clouds just mean that we don’t have to worry about harsh shadows! When I don’t need to worry about the sun, I have more freedom to get the amazing photos you want for your wedding.

Rain on your wedding day really means you’ll have more time to spend with your guests. Since pictures will likely take less time, you’ll have more time to enjoy the reception.

Rain can mean an even better wedding day than you were anticipating. The key is to embrace the rain and know that your vendors have everything under control. We’ve got you covered!

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