Loma Grande Ranch Fall Wedding

Blake and Tracey got married at the beautiful Loma Grande Ranch in San Luis Obispo. Tracey is in the wedding industry as a coordinator, so we knew the wedding would be just about perfect. The barn was decorated to perfection and the bride was absolutely gorgeous! With her twin sister by her side, Tracey married the love of her life and began her journey into married life.

I can honestly say that this was one of the most lively and all-inclusive weddings I have ever been to. It seemed as though everyone in the wedding industry in San Luis Obispo was there to celebrate Blake and Tracey on their wedding day. Tracey was stunning in her wedding gown and Blake was speechless when he saw her for the first time during their first look. He could not have been happier to hold his bride and love on her a little before the ceremony.

Bride and groom at Loma Grande Ranch
bride and groom pose for a formal portrait at Loma Grande Ranch

Wedding Ceremony

Before the ceremony, the bride was escorted to the top of the property so she could make a grand entrance in the groom’s fully restored Model A Ford. She was driven onto the lawn and met by her father to walk her down the aisle. The car stayed during the ceremony and was a wonderful addition to the ceremony site.

Bride gets out of Model A Ford for the ceremony at Loma Grande Ranch
Wedding ceremony at Loma Grande Ranch

Formal Portraits

The formal portraits were such a blast with this group! They had us laughing the whole time. When the bride chose bold, fall colors for her wedding, she really knew what she was doing. Not only did the colors compliment her wedding party, but they made her white dress stand out even more. Her twin sister wore the perfect dress to include the fall colors. A bit of white helped her stand out from the others.

Bride laughs with her bridesmaids dressed in vibrant fall colors at Loma Grande Ranch

Then, we got to the really good stuff! The bride and groom portraits were amazing. They rocked this part of the day.

Groom kisses bride's face at Loma Grande Ranch
Bride looking over her shoulder at Loma Grande Ranch in San Luis Obispo, CA
Bride looks over her shoulder at Loma Grande Ranch
Bride with her back turned to the camera at Loma Grande Ranch

Wedding Reception

The reception transformed the barn like I’ve never seen before. The decorations were thought out so well that you would never have guessed you were in a barn. I am in awe at the attention to detail and the amazing job the coordination team did with this wedding. I know Tracey was thrilled with how everything turned out.

Barn decorated in fall colors for a wedding at Loma Grande Ranch
tablescape for a wedding at Loma Grande Ranch
Full place setting for reception at Loma Grande Ranch
Cool Cat Cafe catering menu at Loma Grande Ranch
Bride and groom have their first dance at Loma Grande Ranch

Second shooting for Nikkels Photography

Venue – Loma Grande Ranch

Catering – Cool Cat Cafe

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