How To Share Your Wedding Photos With Guests

Guests often ask me how they can see the pictures from the wedding. Everyone is anxious to see the images and the bride and groom are excited to share them. In this post, I’ll go over some traditional and more modern methods of sharing the wedding photos with the guests. You can be as creative as you like!

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Heirloom Wedding Album

A wedding album is a more traditional way of sharing your wedding photos. This method never ages, never goes out of style and never needs becomes obsolete. It’s one of the most tried and true ways of not only saving your wedding photos, but sharing them as well.

Wedding albums are great for entertaining company, especially when you’re finishing up those final touches on dinner. To add a modern touch, many photographers may offer a digital version of your album to share online. This is helpful for any family and friends that may not come to visit as frequently.

Thank You Cards With Wedding Photos

Thank you cards are another more traditional way of sharing your wedding photos. Cards will limit the number of images shared, but that might be perfect to get your favorite images to family. Couples don’t always want to share ALL of their photos and this is a great way be selective about which ones you share.

These can be sent as post cards for a vintage touch or as a more formal thank you card. Whatever way you choose, guests will be thrilled to get an actual piece of mail that’s not an advertisement. I like this company for the creative card designs they have.

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Email A Link To Share Photos

Once you get your wedding photos from the photographer and you’ve had a chance to go through them all, you can send your guests a link to the images. You can choose your favorites and the ones you’d like to share with your guests. Then you can upload them to Google Photos or even your wedding website, if you have one.

Then you can simply contact your guests via email and send them the link. This method is much more modern than the previous methods and requires you to have the email address of all your guests. One way to get the email addresses is to ask for it in the guest book or even on the RSVP card.

Photographer Link

Most couples I work with choose this method of sharing their wedding photos with their guests. I provide a card to each guest with a link and QR code to the wedding gallery or blog post for the wedding. Each table at the reception will have a stack of cards so guests can take one if they would like.

The bride and groom see the images first and have the ability to mark any photo as private and before the wedding, they choose which categories they would like their guests to be able to view. If you only want them to see the reception photos, that’s all they have access too.

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Whatever method you choose for sharing your wedding photos, I’m sure your guests will be thrilled to see them. Of course, my favorite method is the card with the link and QR code because it seems to be the easiest for the bride and groom and the fastest way for the guests to see the photos. It gives the couple full control over what images their guests can see without adding any work for the bride and groom who are already busy beginning married life together.

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