How To Get Amazing Getting Ready Wedding Photos

Getting Ready Photos

You’ll spend a lot of time getting ready for your wedding and most couples want their photographer to document this part of the wedding day. You’ve spent a lot of time on the preparations and the details, so it’s only natural to want amazing getting ready photos!

After over 10 years photographing weddings, I’ve got some tips for how you can get amazing getting ready photos too! The best part is that it doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. It’s super easy and most tips only take a moment.

bride adjusting her veil

Keep A Tidy Room

This is sometimes easier said than done. I promise, it’s worth it. Many times, on the morning of the wedding, I’ll ask the bridesmaids to help me. I’ll ask them to hide the clutter while I photograph the details. It doesn’t even have to be cleaned up. Everything can be shoved in a closet or hidden behind a sofa. Just as long as the room appears clean and tidy, you’ll have a much better photo to look back on later.

Some easy ways to tidy up are to toss all water bottles and cups. That’s usually a quick win. Clothes that are scattered around the room can be put into a bag or hung in the closet. Any food should be stored in the refrigerator or cupboard. Cell phones can be stored in a purse and extra shoes can be hidden behind a large sofa. Hiding all these items will make your getting ready photos look clean and ready for a magazine publication.

bridesmaids sitting on a sofa with the bride all wearing robes

Light Matters

Having as much natural light as possible will make your getting ready photos magical. In low light, cameras need to work harder and that can lead to grainy photos or out of focus shots. That’s probably not what you’re going for in your wedding photos. So open the blinds and curtains and let the light in.

Bride spraying on perfume while looking out the window

Don’t Worry About The Camera

Getting ready photos aren’t posed and usually, you don’t even need to look at the camera. This is the time for you to interact with your friends and family and really enjoy the moments. Your photographer is not there to direct at this point in the day. She’s there to document the moments.

Many of my favorite getting ready photos are ones where no one is even looking at the camera. They are the ones where the bride is sharing a moment with her mom or when her sister is helping her lace the back of her wedding dress. I love the ones where someone is helping the bride put on her necklace and making sure her bracelet fits just right.

bridesmaids help bride get ready

Let People Help You

I know you can fasten your necklace. I know you can put your own earrings in and apply your own lipstick. But don’t. Let others help you. Not only does it make them feel special and included in your wedding day, but it makes for the best photos. It shows a closeness and connection that would otherwise be impossible to capture. People want to help and they want to feel like they are contributing to the most important day of your life. Let them and I promise it will be worth it, if for nothing else but a great wedding photo.

Bride looking down and smiling with her dress and veil surrounding her at Cass Winery

Have Fun

Finally, be sure to have a ton of fun. This is when you can be loud and silly and just have fun with your friends. The rest of the day is a little less flexible and this is the time you can really let loose and just enjoy yourself before the ceremony. Laugh with your friends and let your photographer work her magic. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Groomsman helps the groom with his tie at Cass Winery

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