Coordinator Questionnaire

Thank you so much for filling out this questionnaire.  The more detail you can put into each answer, the better.  Be specific and give examples where appropriate.  I would love to give potential couples a really good sense of who you are and if you would be the right fit for them and their wedding.


Add as much info as possible for each question.  I really want to make sure I showcase your personality and accurately represent your business.  

Be sure to send me pictures to go along with your answers!  If another photographer took the images, please let me know who so I can credit them with the images.  

I’ll DEFINITELY need a picture of you!  If you don’t have one, come by my studio and I’ll take your picture for free.  We absolutely need to have a face to put with the business.  

As soon as I post the blog, I’ll send you the link.  Feel free to share the link on your page or use it as a social media post.