A Small Intimate Wedding In The Hills of Paso Robles

Templeton Wedding

Patrick and Skye are such a sweet couple. They were down-to-earth and wanted a small, intimate wedding with only their very closest family and friends in attendance. With Skye’s parent’s property providing the perfect backdrop, they were able to have the wedding of their dreams, leaving more room in the budget for an amazing honeymoon.

I’m so glad this amazing couple was able to have their wedding exactly as they wanted. I know they will be very happy together and I’m so excited to see what the future holds for them.

Wedding invitation in a floral diamond pattern
Glass water dispenser at a wedding in Templeton, CA
Ceremony site with chairs forming an aisle and an arch at the end
floral arrangements on tree rounds forming a wedding ceremony aisle
wedding dress hanging from the eaves

Getting Ready

Mother of the bride helping the bride get dressed
close up of a boutonniere being pinned on the father of the bride
Mother of the bride fastening the back of the bride's dress
back of the bride's dress getting buttoned
bride holding the bouquet


officiant praying before the wedding ceremony
groom looking down the aisle toward the bride
Bride walking down the aisle with her father
Father of the bride escorting her down the aisle
Bride and groom praying before the ceremony
Bride saying her wedding vows
Bride and groom holding hands at the altar
close up of bride and groom holding hands at the altar
Bride and groom face each other at the altar
Bride looks at the officiant during the wedding ceremony
First kiss for the bride and groom
Bride smiling during the wedding ceremony
Bride and groom hold hands after the ceremony

Formal Portraits

Bride poses for a photo with her mom
Bride and groom standing under the trees for a portrait
close up of bride holding her bouquet
White wedding cake with white roses on top
close up of the top of a white wedding cake with white roses on top
wedding rings on an invitation
wedding rings in the bouquet
Bouquet next to a white wedding cake
pulled back photo of a wedding ceremony site
Bride getting her makeup done before the wedding
close up side shot of the bride holding the bouquet

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